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Exuberant statements from chief physician Ringkjøb

(memory from Anne Helene Bækken)

Chief physician Ringkjøb was a colorful man using x-rays a lot and intensively. I'd usually take a frontal and lateral x-rays of children coming in with a concussion, but then one reached a conclusion that it's maybe not necessary anymore, unless there were specific symptoms, like having blood from the ears and such things, it was better to have a CT scan.

Then, there was this mother who didn't quite understand this. She didn't settle with the fact that no x-ray was taken of her son's head. She sat down in the corridor to wait for Ringkjøb to come by, then grabbed him and said: "Tell me chief physician Ringkjøb, you don't mean that you're not taking an x-ray of my son?" Ringkjøb looked at her cunningly and said: "X-rays, madam, I believe you are mad - didn't you hear about the atomic bomb!!!" The mother grabbed her son and, startled as she was, rushed through the door without having any x-ray taken neither that day, nor ever again.